Combination Photography

This Project showed me many things. I learned that if you combine everyday things into something new it can create new ideas. I took two photos in the same position: one with a pen and the other with a flower. Then combined them together to create a unique masterpiece.flower


Levitation Project

LevitationThis Project showed me the importance of hard work and persistence. I learned that with spending time on projects helps you create better images. I took two photos of me on a stool and me on the ground, created a mask and painted the excess. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Song Composite

Sun is Never Going down by Martin Garrix… I love this song with all heart because of the tunes and beats. This was made by yours truly… In Photoshop… The image represents the overall message within the song and melody. For instance, “Sun is never going down on me” symbolizes the subjects attitude towards life itself, quite like the dominant sun in the middle of the picture. I went on and found Great, high quality images to dissect certain parts of the pictures to combine them in my composite in photoshop. I chose the song because of the fact that it reminds me to stay positive knowing that I will have my time in the light. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!Sun is never going down

Hockney Effect

The Hockney effect is a photo composed of multiple photographs. The challenges I faced are the resizing of the images. I learned that the Hockney effect tests your creativity and imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed this project.Hockney effect

Double Exposure Project

This Project taught me so much. I learned how to make Exposures in photoshop as well as in camera. A difficulty that I had a hard time getting the lighting right for each shot. I benefitted from this because of the fact that I now have a fun way to spend time. I loved working on photoshop to make the perfect image!7Q1A03617Q1A0384BEn and Toronto

Daguerreotype Portrait Project

Man, this project taught me so much. I’m so grateful for all the challenges such as timing color balances and exposure. Even though projects such as this are hard, they truly make me a better photographer. I enjoyed this because of those reasons. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as me!7Q1A02827Q1A02977Q1A03017Q1A0306IMG_0258-2